Vaganza 8

Calling all McAlumni!

Vaganza 8 is scheduled for February 16-17, Saturday to Sunday, noon to noon. (The noon to noon part is to be confirmed)

Who wants to come to Montreal?

Posted by Bryan on January 29, 2008 with category tags of

See, I can't decide whether to come be a creepy alum for another year, or come up the previous weekend for CDye's Hudsonganza. Vaganza weekend is President's Day weekend so I'd have the Monday off, but Hudson weekend would probably be more relaxing.

Is anyone else coming back this year?
   comment by goodladd (#144) on January 29, 2008

Come for Hudsonganza and stay the week!
   comment by Bryan (#22) on January 29, 2008

I think I want to come. To Vaganza.
   comment by Gbrowdy (#55) on January 29, 2008

jeez guys, this is a tough one. I want you at all of them guys, I really can't decide. I think I would prefer wait...yeah hudson....ok i decided.
   comment by maryam on January 30, 2008

I can't come to Hudson. Does that change your decision?
   comment by Gbrowdy (#55) on January 30, 2008

AAHHH Seriously?! I thought it was Feb 8th and I definitely couldn't make it! But this, I could probably do. Except now Andrew is making me feel creepy.
   comment by Mariana on January 31, 2008

Mariana, you ARE creepy.

Okay, I will go ahead and declare my intent to come to Vaganza. Sorry Maryam.
   comment by goodladd (#144) on January 31, 2008

   comment by chrisdye (#15) on January 31, 2008

Alas, I cannot come to Hudsonganza because I'll be shooting a film project that weekend. And I don't want to be a creepy Vaganza alum, so it'll have to be later in the year for me. Hope to see you all soon!
   comment by Adrienne (#149) on January 31, 2008

aaaah!! but it's ok. I'll be seeing you this week and then I'll see again in three weeks. And besides, you and Gil make a cute couple.
   comment by maryam on February 1, 2008

VAGANZA VAGANZA Montreal Improv 24-hour show
This Saturday (noon) - Sunday (noon)
   comment by Mirzipan (#99) on February 15, 2008


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